Cinema through Sociology & Anthropology

The reason why I like horror is that it reverses the order of things. Those who fit society, be they conventional types or ‘alpha men and women’, are ridiculed, tortured, and killed. Horror is not just about our subconscious or conscious fears. It turns our world upside down. It is transgressive by its very nature breaching all boundaries, of identity, morality, sexuality, and more. In a horror film, purity is impurity. It’s a world where the pillars of the community are evil, clowns murderous, and children creepy. It is also the world of those who do not fit in and have their revenge by instilling horror and fear. ‘Othering’ is at the core of Trick ‘r Treat, and it is the wholly other, the dead, who rule.

Halloween, Horror and Ritual of Reversals 

In The Ritual Process (1966), Victor Turner names rituals of reversal those seasonal rites, such as…

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