Cinema through Sociology & Anthropology

The School Bus Massacre – Sacrifice and ‘Othering’ 

A group of children go from door to door trick ‘r treating but also collect jack-o’-lanterns. Alpha-girl Macy (Britt McKillip) tells the other kids of the ‘school bus massacre’. Thirty years prior, a school bus was carrying children with disabilities, who had been rejected by their parents for being “different, troubled, disturbed.” The bus driver had been paid by the parents to get rid of the children. He drove to a rock quarry. As the driver checks the children are all secured to the bus by chains, a child gets into the driver’s seat and drives into the quarry killing all the children on the bus. Eliminating those who don’t fit is a way to deal with ‘anomalies’ – what goes against the order of a society – as Mary Douglas explained in relation to the killing of twins at…

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