The Boston Strangler is one is one of the most notorious serial killers in American history and is surrounded with more questions than most. Although it is generally accepted that Albert DeSalvo committed the crimes, recently there has been rumblings that he might have been innocent. Regardless, he died in prison taking his secrets with him.

In 1971, the Texas legislation passed a resolution honoring the killer for his unselfish service to mankind and the “unconventional” way he dealt with overpopulation. It passed unanimously. The resolution was introduced by State Rep. Tim Moor because he wanted to show the legislation did not read things they just nodded their head and raised their hands.

The tale, which is true, surfaced again in 2000 and linked to President Bush who had no hand in the praise of the killer. It most likely made the rounds in an attempt to link him to it and smear his name.

I thought it might be an obscure law of days gone by until I had a student transfer from Texas. I was telling the class about the legend and he confirmed it. The next day he brought in his school calendar from the year before. It was clearly listed as Boston Strangler Day, and he said it was a day off of school and a “teacher work from home” day for the instructors. The date…April 20th. I thought that was odd, and he said he thought it always fell on that day.

But that is a legend for a different day.

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