People who have experienced the paranormal react differently.  Some believe themselves cursed or marked by evil spirits, even if the activity is not evil in nature.  Others consider themselves blessed, seeing it as an opportunity to touch something that brings them hope of an afterlife.  The majority of activity goes unnoticed, however.  People do not see the signs around them.

Of course, the opposite happens at times as well.  People with activity in their house become so used to the spirits they share their lives with they hardly notice them any more.  Disturbances that would give the average person chills becomes as normal as the clock chiming the hour or the furnace turning on.  Sometimes this is due to denial, at times to familiarity, but most of the time, a true conscious spirit will up the stakes to make himself known.

This is what Jessica and her family experience.

Massachusetts Crossroads first interviewed Jessica and people surrounding her in 2002 when the activity was already a few years old.  It had started in their old apartment in Cambridge and intensified when they reached Woburn.  The spirits were thought to be that of an older man from the late 19th century known as Mr. Mustache and a smaller child perhaps held prisoner by the man who never gave his name.  The activity consisted of toys being misplaced and turning on by themselves, footsteps and the sound of doors being opened and closed, weird smells and several sightings of different spirits.  One of our original hypothesis of the hauntings was a poltergeist, but a change in the home dynamics and the duration of the haunting has caused us to focus more on the idea there are three or more conscience personalities trapped in the house.

Our complete report can be read here.

Jessica and her family had become so used to the haunting they did not notice them anymore, although for two years Jessica refused to admit there was a chance anything was in the home.  The day to day bumps and missing items were not thought about.  The two girls continued to grow.  Jessica put it out of her mind when she would walk upstairs and hear either of them talking to themselves in their rooms even though the other was asleep.  When they went away for the weekends to spend it with their father and when her boyfriend was out of the house, she would fill the house with as many friends as possible and hope they didn’t hear the banging upstairs.

But activity still continues to happen in the house, although no one has reported seeing anything.  The hauntings seem to be more focused on the rooms upstairs and mainly consists of unexplained noises.

Due to work being done on the bathroom downstairs, Jessica and anyone hanging out at the house must now use the upstairs bathroom.  People have said they get the strangest feeling when they reach the top of the stairs.  People have lost their breath or had the feeling of being watched.  More than once the girls have been heard speaking to some unseen person late at night when they should have been asleep or woke up from nightmare saying there was something in the room.  A child’s imagination perhaps, but once when Jessica went upstairs to get something from her room she heard Julie talking.  When she approached her door, she heard Julie start to cry, as if someone had told her something bad or left her.

The majority of the sounds from upstairs are heard when someone is downstairs.  The two girls who sleep upstairs are often caught out of bed, but these noises are not made by little girls.  Often loud unexplained bangs are heard.  They are described as if some has picked up several large books and thrown them to the floor.  It was once described as someone lifting the corner of a bureau and letting it fall to the ground.  At times the noise become more intense.  It might even sound like someone has tipped over the bureau.  They does not seem to be anything consistent with the volume of the noises, but most of them are heard coming from one of the girl’s rooms or the master bedroom.  When Jessica has gone up to investigate, she has found nothing and the girls have been fast asleep.  Rarely is there more than one bang a night.

The girls now often sleep together in bunk beds located in the room where the activity seems the worst.  Several weeks ago Jessica heard the loudest of the noises coming from upstairs.  She was alone in the house when she heard a noise so loud it shook the house.  “When you hear that noise, you know someone fell out of bed,” she said in a recent interview.  When she went upstairs the two girls were both sound asleep in the bed and nothing else was out of place.  She knows what she heard, and refuses to listen to people when they she must have imagine it.  “You can’t imagine that.  I mean, when it’s real, it’s real.”

An even more disturbing occurrence happened a few nights later.  She and her boyfriend Matt were sitting on the couch watching television when they heard a long crack and a noise like a wine glass being broken.  The noise was loud, and they both heard it because they immediately looked at each other and went into the kitchen to investigate.  “We knew it came from the kitchen.  It wasn’t muffled.”  Both agree the crack lasted at least four seconds, building up to the crack.  The breaking glass sounded as if the glass had exploded or was thrown to the ground.  They investigated the all of the cabinets and found no glasses broken or out of place.  They found nothing in the dishwasher or on the floor.  It was if the glass shattered and the shards were picked up and thrown away.  

It should be noted the glasses are found in the cabinet next to the stove.  There has been several recorded instances of activity in that part of the kitchen and it is directly downstairs from the heart of the activity in the house.

When we last sat down with Jessica in her house we all made a startling realization.  The activity over the past four years has always gotten worse in January and February.  Does this time of year have some significance to the people that might remain in the house?  Jessica is not sure, but we will continue to investigate and update you when more information is known.