The Bridgewater Triangle may be the most intriguing place in the unexplained landscape. No matter where your paranormal interest lies, you’ll find it this little patch of land in Southeastern Massachusetts. Rarely does someone hear about what goes on there and doesn’t want to know more.

Then why won’t the Triangle make the big time?

Despite the interest and the driving forces who involve themselves in the Bridgewater Triangle, the number of books focusing on it is relatively low. Despite stories made for TV and the movies, there are almost no television shows or movies made about it.

Christopher Balzano and Natalie Crist examine why the outside world can’t seem to get it right and why there isn’t more out there about this supernatural superstar who’s been reduced to a bit character.

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Here are some of the amazing people from the SWFL UFO and Paranormal Conference
Mark Muncy and Kari Schultz


Fiction Author Amanda Fasciano

Braxton and April Roane

Patrick X Webb

Marinna Rose

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