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Episode 57…Shamans, Fairies, and Philippe Climb the Mound


Natalie Crist and Christopher Balzano find their way to Philippe Park in Safety Harbor to explore the legend of the Shaman of the Mound and the other spirits said to climb the temple mound at dawn or in times of need.

With Dr. Brandy Stark of S.P.I.R.I.T and Urban Legends of Pinellas County along with her paranormal pug, the Trippers explore the scared Tocoboga mound of Safety Harbor in hopes of experiencing the ghosts there and try to solve the riddle of who it might be.

Listen to Episode 56 of Tripping on Legends, Safety Harbor Isn’t Safe from Everything, to get some of the background info on the legend trip.

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Episode 56 of Tripping on Legends, Safety Harbor Isn’t Safe from Everything


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