It started as a simple post on an old Angelfire site. The more Christopher Balzano and Natalie Crist looked into it, it seemed ripe for their 2017 Road Trip.

Little did they know they would experience their most frightening location in a small town somewhere tucked away in the Midwest on the last night of their adventure. The Trippers explore the legend and then take you with them step by step the night they go to Brazil, Indiana, and the 100 Step Cemetery, also known as Carpenter Cemetery and Cloverland Cemetery… …and then they discover it might be one of the most academically researched urban legends in the country.

Explore all of the episodes having to do with the 2017 Summer Legend Trip:

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Episode 22…Meeting the Pukwudgies in Indiana

Episode 23…100 Step Cemetery in Indiana

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Episode 17…Trips, Triangles, and North Carolina Folklore

Episode 18…Whispers and Screams from Shiloh

Episode 19…Tripping Carolina in My Mind

Travel Log…The Devil’s Tramping Ground

Episode 20…There’s Something in Room 223

Episode 21…but Who Is Haunting Lydia

Travel Log…The Lady of Shiloh Cemetery in Sanford, Florida

When the Trippers Hit Carolina

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