Do you need a ghost to have a ghost story?  This is the odd case of the Stewart murder and a community hiding their ghosts.

You sometimes judge art by what you don’t see more than what is clear to the eye.  The same can be said for haunted history.  If there are too many haunted locations and no one is talking about them, you’re forced to ask yourself what is going on.

Welcome to Sumter County, Florida, home of This Town is Myth and a place where ghostly legends go to die.  They forget the train, they forget the vespers, but the Stewart Homestead is a step too far.  The sight of a brutal murder and an almost unbelievable second act, no one speaks of spirits or tells tales of shadows in the swamp.  Or do they.

Join Christopher Balzano as he explores a dead zone where the dead are begging to be heard.

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