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A man looks off into the distance pledging no matter what happens he will return to his lost love, even if he dies.  The ghosts of three soldiers pointing out their friend is sick.  A group of men whose sacrifices may be a cover story for a horrible crime refusing to be hidden.

It’s going to be a great new year at Tripping on Legends…and that’s only one trip.

Join Christopher Balzano as he looks into the weirdness in two of Northern Florida’s most haunted locations.  He’ll explore the haunted legends of Fort Clinch and Amelia Island before digging into one of Jacksonville’s most enduring urban legends.

Watch our Instagram video showing one part of the legend trip at Fort Clinch…

…and here’s the Facebook Live Tripping on Legends did from the fort…

Watch our recent encounter with a talkative streetlight as we tripped the life guard tower.

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