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I was not always a monster, once I was somebody’s muse. The world may be your canvas, what you paint on it, beware. The pen is mightier than the sword, it has no limitation. Don’t refrain, this ink will stain and nothing can erase us now.

In the world of haunted storytelling and urban legends, we who set the story can’t always control it.  Often times the nature of a ghost is determined by the tales we tell about it.  Once it’s out there, the haunting takes a life of its own and can’t be erased. 

Join Christopher Balzano and the Trippers as they look at some famous ghost stories that have gotten out of control.  They’ll also look at home modern mythology has taken control of the narrative.  Media like Five Night at Freddy’s, Walton Files and Mandela Catalogue are following in the footsteps of Slender Man to shift who can tell the story and how it gets told.

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