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Once upon a time, two trippers got into a car to look into the ghostly legend of a man who screams at night, a little girl who comforts the living visiting the dead, and a wall where a witch traps children before stealing their souls. They ended up searching for the grave of a teen and rescuing a soul from a wall of coral…at least if you believe the stories.

Cemeteries are supposed to be places of sorrow.  They’re where we remember those who lives have been taken from us, moments mixed with memories of their lives and the sadness of their passing.  In Boca Raton, there’s a mourner who goes too far, screaming his grief for the whole neighborhood to hear, even though as far as anyone can tell, he’s not actually alive.
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Join Christopher Balzano and Deanna Mulhearn as they hit the road on a somewhat spontaneous journey to the Boca Raton cemetery. It’s an “on the road” episode filled with background noise, arguments on how the dead can come back and how far they can travel, and the perfect side quest which leads to one of those profound Tripping on Legends moments.

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