Old Ghosts Odditorium Puts Odd Objects of Yesteryear for Sale

From: The Miami New Times


No matter where you stand on the showroom floor, chances are that a doll or mannequin is watching you. Fortunately, unlike in the movies, they don’t skitter across the floor when your back is turned. But the sheer number of these playthings on display ensures you’re bound to wander into the line of sight of at least one pair of glass eyes.

Similar to clowns and sharks, an aged doll has an unsettling connotation attached to it.

“Movies definitely fueled that,” confirms Brittany Nicole, co-owner and operator of Old Ghosts Odditorium. “You think back to the ’30s, and you look at one of those dolls, that was a brand-new baby doll that brought some little kid somewhere so much joy. That was the one toy they had that their parents could afford to buy them.”

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