12 True Ghost Stories That Will Scare You Silly

Originally posted by Next Luxury

by — Devjot Bath

A cold chill fills the air. Your heart starts to beat faster, and the hairs on your neck stand up. A door slowly creaks open and then slams shut. The sound of feet running across the floor echoes in the house. Suddenly, a fear-inducing screech sends a paralyzing chill up the spine. Don’t turn around. Someone or something is standing behind you. Unfortunately, this isn’t an opening scene of a classic horror movie but real-life. Indeed, these true ghost stories will scare you silly. 

For centuries there have been sightings of real-life ghosts all over the world. In modern times, ghost stories and haunted houses are all the rage. People love the feeling of fear. So with that in mind, read on and enjoy these spooky true ghost stories

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