What was supposed to be the nuts and bolts of haunted objects and creepy antiques on the eve of Halloween quickly shifted gears just as the cameras rolled. Before we can get into the discussion, Dan Horon of the Haunted Antique Shop in Deland throws out there the idea of the Tarot of Physics. Before we know it, the Trippers are off on a journey into some crazy ideas into the nature and changing face of the decks which move the supernatural.

Corrine Kenner, curator of Deland’s Haunted Antique Shop and Paranormal Museum and author of Gently Haunted joins Horon as Christopher Balzano and Nikki Mu spend the night before the big day shuffling decks and getting deeper into astrology and its place among the haunted dolls.

And we still have a whole episode just on the shop and haunted objects still to come from that night.

You can learn more at: http://tarotofphysics.com/

Here’s her site for a little preview of what the shop has to offer.

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