La Pascualita: Bridal Shop Mannequin or Embalmed Corpse?

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Dressed in the latest fashion, mannequins are common in store front windows as a way to attract potential customers. But sometimes the mannequin becomes the main attraction. That’s the case for a family-owned bridal shop, La Popular Dress Shop, in Chihuahua, Mexico, where there is plenty of lore and legend about whether the woman standing in the window is actually a mannequin. La Pascualita is an eerie, lifelike mannequin, and the speculation is that she’s the actual dead body of the daughter of a former owner.

The tale of the mannequin of La Pascualita is a popular regional story in northern Mexico, but this famous mannequin and the store window she stands in have gained more of a reputation as a tourist attraction. “It’s there in this norteño borderlands region of Mexico where her story is most prevalent, and because it’s the borderlands, the U.S. is more aware of it, too, especially in Texas and New Mexico,” explains Tomás Prower, Latino licensed mortuary professional and author of “Morbid Magic: Death Spirituality & Culture From Around the World.”

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