Horrifying injuries of poor ‘Charlie No-Face’ bogeyman who ‘glowed green’ after accident

Originally posted by The Daily Star

BY: Joe Faretra

According to urban legend, he was either a ghost who wandered the highway with a head that glowed green, or some lurid creature who grew up in squalor after his features melted away.

But in actual fact, the Green Man, or Charlie No-Face, wasn’t just a bogeyman used in stories to scare children and adults alike. He was a real person with a harrowing story.

In Koppel, a small borough in Beaver County, Pennsylvania, people would go on late night adventures in the hope of catching a glimpse of the fabled phantom.

The story, dating back 100 years, has been passed through generations, but those raised on tales of Charlie No-Face are often surprised to learn the truth.

In a twist, the so-called Green Man was actually said to be a “beautiful, kind man”.

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