10 Horror Movie Film Locations That Are Supposedly Haunted


Horror has always been an iconic genre. There’s something fascinating about watching paranormal terrors and serial killers, especially from the safety of our own couch. Even for those based on a true story, we are still separated from the fear by a screen. However, for those who make the movies, that is not the case. They live and breathe these movies for months, and, sometimes, the paranormal activity becomes very real to them.

There have been claims by many actors, directors, and crew workers that some of the sets of the horror movies they’ve worked on were actually haunted. From mysterious bruising to coincidental deaths, the terror didn’t stop when the cameras stopped rolling, or even when the workers left the set.

Here are 10 horror movie film locations that are supposedly haunted!

Hear a little more about the locations surrounding Jeepers Creepers, not on the list, and the curse attached to The Crow.

…and of course, our classic write-up on the Poltergeist Curse and the lies we learned from the movie.

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