Scariest Missouri Urban Legend? A Young Girl, A Witch and a Cabin

from Doc Holliday on 100.9 The Eagle

Norman shared the story of a family consisting of John and Suzanne from Hawk Point, Missouri who in 1905 got married and bought property in the woods where they built a cabin on Lincoln News Now.

The couple would eventually have a couple named Josie. I won’t ruin the full story which I highly recommend you check out in the original article and in the book, but it involves a witch that Josie would meet who wandered the woods near where the family lived. The woman meddled in the dark arts and would eventually lead Josie down that dark path until one day…she turned.

The now-possessed young girl would be found by her parents who were eventually brought to their end by her. The witch would confess what happened eventually on her death bed.

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