We call it the legend trip that nearly ended the show, but what actually happened at Fort Desoto that didn’t make it to the episode. More importantly, what happened in the days and weeks that followed that changed the course of Tripping on Legends.

Christopher Balzano and Natalie Crist talk Fort Desoto, touching the dead in a real way, and how much might be too much.

Please share your moment that changed your ideas about the paranormal.

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Episode 39…Dating the Ghosts at Fort Desoto

What would it take for you to date a ghost?

Before their upcoming visit to Fort DeSoto, Christopher Balzano and Natalie Crist look into some of the legend that keep popping up from the location. From crying ghostly mothers to phantom voices of Native Americans and soldiers to ghostly visions of accidents and suicides from the nearby Skyway Bridge, this may be the single most haunted place in Florida.

And then there is the ghost of a dead fisherman who looks to pick up single ladies on the island.

Episode 40…Fort DeSoto is Haunted, But Not Like You Think

It was a long weekend in St. Petersburg, Florida, as Christopher Balzano and Natalie Crist headed across the dreaded Skyway Bridge to Fort Desoto to follow up on the haunted legends there.

Natalie takes to the water to try and hook the ghost of the Romantic Trout Fisherman. While she’s putting her moves on the spirit world, Balzano takes to the battery of the fort to check out rumors of footsteps and shadows.

As the sun sets on the base, they venture to the outskirts and ruins of the old base to try and connect with the dozens who have died of yellow fever and are said to still walk the grounds, including a mother rumored to be heard crying for her dead children.

Rebecca Genesis http://ghostseers.com/the-haunted-history-of-fort-desoto/

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