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Dinner and a Movie.  A sunset picnic on the beach.  Netflix and chill.

How about holding hands as you stare into each other’s eyes and try your best to get a ghost to say hello.  First dates can be tricky.  Exhilarating, anxiety causing, arousing…and haunted.  We all have a first date horror story, but what is your first date was something out of a horror story?

Join Christopher Balzano as Tripping on Legends goes full #hauntedlove and breaks down the perfect ghostly first date.  We’ll explore the dos and don’ts for the most romantic legend trip and then look into an online top ten list to rate which are the best and worst Florida has to offer. And then use romance to open up a new legend perfect for getting to know you and getting past first base.

Read the story of the ghostly fisherman still looking for that elusive first date

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