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Which came first…the haunting or the horror movie?

Join Tripping on Legend as they look into a typical roadside ghost in Dunnellon, Florida, that may be as far from typical as you can get. On a stretch of road in the middle of nowhere, with the Ocala Forest looming nearby, there are reports of ghost children walking alone and into the woods. Are they just imagination, something darker like Black-Eyed Children, or the remains of the spookiness of a film shoot?

And what does any of this have to do with Suzie and the Banshees?

And are all the filming locations of the horror movie Jeepers Creepers haunted?

Is there something to the darkness of the Ocala National Forest? Listen to our Astor episode where we first start to think something is up.

Here’s our episode on The Woman in White, another movie connected to urban legends in Florida.

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Episode 33…Why Are all the Women in White

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