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An origin story based on a famous legend which people claim is fact and not folklore.  A television show responsible for creating and spreading urban legends.  Two nights with a guitar, a candle, a book, and an idea.

Tripping on Legends explores the famous case of the Woman of Highway 50, a story once told on Unsolved Mysteries, remembered a decade later by a songwriter, and remembered two decades after that when this whole Legend Tripping gig got started. 

Who was the woman who saved her son after her death, and why does the story refuse to die.

You can contact us with questions, comments, and your favorite legend or tidbit of folklore at

A new project is starting and will be announced next week, so if you have any information on odd stories or lost history from Lake, Sumter, Pasco, or Hernando County, let us know and follow the progress at #ThisTownIsMyth.

Feel free to call our new phone number during our lives shows to get involved or whenever just to share a legend you’ve heard to ask a question at ((813) 418-6822. 

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