What do pennies, a gypsy curse, and an innocent man serving life in prison have to do with one of the most haunted towns in Florida?

It’s a tale of two families, two cemeteries, and two legends in Arcadia. Christopher Balzano revisits one of the original legend trips to Oak Ridge Cemetery to explore the legend of the Richardson children said to play among the headstones and run back and forth to nearby Goat Hill. He then connects them to another legend across town where the babies of Coker Cemetery are said to turn the luck of those who visit their abandoned and neglected places of rest.

Watch our recent discovery of the cemetery…

And see Deanna read to the children there…

…and listen to full episode of what happened when we got there

Listen to Episode 64…Mr. Coker Isn’t Here

Listen to our episode on Oak Ridge Cemetery to get warmed up and up to date on some of the oddness in the area:

And if you are the kind of person who loves paranormal evidence, the episode where we released the raw audio of Mary:

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