Tripping on Legends welcomes in new co-host Deanna Mulhern who gets a trial by fire with a legend told throughout the Sarasota community although no one can quite remember where it started or if there is any truth to the tale.

After getting some background and insight into Mulhern, the Trippers discuss the infamous Amish Ghost Bridge at Pinecraft in Sarasota, Florida. Too late to make it into Florida’s Haunted Love Stories and too early for Valentine’s Day, her and Christopher Balzano explore the details and reasons behind a typical Lover’s Leap, Romeo and Juliet type suicide and haunting that has one foot in the history of Sarasota and one in the Amish community that calls that town home.

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Spoilers…we had our way there recently, and have a bit of that to show you.

And if you need a little more bridge action to get you going…

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