The Vanishing Hotel Of France: Was It Ever Real?

Originally posted by Otakukart

BY Abin Tom Sebastian

Throughout history, time slips and involuntary time travel have been reported. Still, no one knows how they’re caused or if they are actual time travel incidents (or hallucinations, lies, hoaxes). Some of the most famous cases of time slips include the “Ghosts of Versailles” case of 1901, where two visitors spotted the long-dead Queen Marie Antoinette wandering through the gardens at the Palace of Versailles. However, moments later, they were back in the modern day.

Another famous case of time-traveling is the case of an old couple from Loch Ness (a place inexplicably famous for the Loch Ness Monster) who disappeared in the mid-18th century and turned up a hundred years later at a local almshouse before disappearing again. Then we have urban legends like the tale of Rudolph Fentz, where a man turned up in the middle of Times Square, dressed in clothes from the 19th century, and was almost instantaneously hit by a car. The weird part? He was the description of a man who disappeared 74 years earlier. But are there any other cases of time traveling in recent times? As it turns out, there are.

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