Visit White Lady’s Castle, One Of Rochester’s Famous Haunts

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Outside of Rochester, in the little town of Irondequoit, is the 977-acre Durand-Eastman Park, formally dedicated on May 22, 1909. The 5,000 feet of Lake Ontario shoreline at Durand Eastman Park is conducive to a peaceful summer atmosphere that draws many visitors. The park’s incredible beauty, enhanced by its steep wooded slopes, stunning panoramas, and small lakes, keeps many hikers and nature lovers coming back for more.

But another type of traveler frequents Durand Eastman Park: fans of mystery and suspense. Many of these sightseers travel to the area hoping to catch a glimpse of the White Lady’s Castle, a wall of stone that looks like something out of the Middle Ages. The wall, legend has it, was once part of a grand castle atop the hill, where a mysterious woman and her beautiful daughter are said to have lived in seclusion.

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