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You’re walking through the woods, maybe just slightly off the path. There’s a odd quiet in the trees and your gut tells you something isn’t right. You squint into the distance, trying to make out that odd shadow being formed by the disappearing sun when your eyes adjust and you see it; a staircase in the middle of the forest.

Would you climb them?

There has been chatter recently all over the Internet about mysterious stairs found in the woods. People are scrambling to get the stories out, but also to explain them. Tripping on Legends has been to one, but there might be an even more mysterious set waiting for us as we plan our summer trip.

Join Christopher Balzano and Deanna Mulhern as we wander back into some dark woods to explore the urban legend of the forest stairs and some urban legends that have developed around some that we know exist.

Need a little homework?

Look into some of our weirder stories involving stairs, including some of our work into the Devil’s Tree:

The Devil’s Millhopper:

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