There are a few rules that you should never break when thinking about tripping after a ghostly legend. Don’t forget a flashlight if you’re going into the woods. Never cross a bridge unless you’ve seen someone heavier cross it first. Remember to leave a few coins whenever you pass by some graves.

And of course, if you hear music in the woods, never follow it.

Or maybe always follow it, just never try to join in on the beat.

There is a deep history of music from the woods, but in the last two decades, people around the world have reported abandoned pianos in forest. Like the stairways among the trees, they appear without warning, often looking like they have been there.

Tripping on Legends goes deep into the stories that have been reported across the globe from Massachusetts to Utah to Sweden and the music’s place in urban legends and folklore. We’ll then turn our attention more local and look at a haunted bridge on Merritt Island said to still ring with the songs of parties past.

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