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Episode 58…Bundy, Books, and Bikinis

What do Tom Petty, and dead janitor, and Ted Bundy have to do with each other…and what about that ghost in the bikini?

With the summer quickly approaching, it is time to start looking at far, far away Florida locations to include in Tripping on Legends Summer 2019 Road Trip. There may be no better place to look than with institutes of higher learning across the Sunshine State, starting with the two biggies. Florida Schools are haunted. 

Natalie Crist and Christopher Balzano take a look at some of the famous hauntings and urban legends coming out of Florida State University and the University of Florida, including ones involving love, suicide, lightening, Ted Bundy, and Tom Petty. 

The Trippers also discuss why the Tripper’s Ouija Board is no longer in service.

Get the whole history of the board…

Episode 24…Help, There’s a Ouija Board in My House

Watch Balzano’s video last summer about haunted schools before they made their way to Stetson:

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We’re still knee deep in the #hauntedlove project, so we’re especially looking for ghost stories with a love twist.

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