Inside The Mystery Of The Moon-Eyed People From Cherokee Legend

Edited By Erik Hawkins on All That’s Interesting

Cherokee legend is full of incredible tales. But one of the most fantastic — and intriguing — stories concerns the moon-eyed people.

According to Cherokee lore, moon-eyed people lived deep in the woods of present-day North Carolina and Georgia. Blue-eyed and pale, they were so sensitive to light that they slept during the day and emerged only in the moonlight. And unlike other beings who appear in Indigenous legends, they were neither spirits nor monsters but humans like the Cherokee themselves.

Though the legend of the moon-eyed people may be merely that — legend — some suspect that Cherokee stories about these mysterious beings may be rooted in historical fact. Some even suspect that the moon-eyed people were descendants of Welsh settlers who arrived centuries before Columbus.

This is the story of the moon-eyed people of the Appalachians and the mysterious traces that they may have left behind.

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