The Terrifying Legend Of Kuchisake Onna, The Slit-Mouthed Woman Of Japan

By Doc Holliday on 92.9 NIN

Japan has its fair share of monsters and ghost stories. But few are as frightening as the legend of kuchisake onna, the slit-mouthed woman.

According to this creepy urban legend, kuchisake onna appears to people walking alone at night. Upon first glance, she seems to be a young, attractive woman covering the lower part of her face with a mask or fan.

She approaches her victim and asks a simple question, “Watashi, kirei?” or “Am I beautiful?”

If the victim says yes, the kuchisake onna exposes her full face, revealing her grotesque, bleeding mouth slashed ear-to-ear. She will ask once again, “Am I beautiful?” If her victim then says no or screamskuchisake onna will attack and slash her victim’s mouth so that it’s like hers. If her victim say yes, she may leave them alone — or follow them home and murder them.

This eerie urban legend is bound to send a shiver down your spine. So where exactly did it come from? And how can someone survive an encounter with the kuchisake onna?

Read about the connection between kuchisake onna and bathrooms.

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